101 rooms


The 101 Rooms brand is inspired by the scents of sunny Provence!

Each of the composition has its own unique character, which is due to the highest quality ingredients grown in the picturesque regions of French Provence. Thanks to the variety of compositions, the products 101 Rooms are perfect for giving an original scent in a bedroom, bathroom, office room or living room. As the brand name says, they will be used in 101 rooms! 

Join us on an olfactory journey through the colorful and aromatic lavender fields, grassy meadows touched by the morning sun, local fruit and spice markets!  Close your eyes and feel this wonderful fragrance! Imagination and emotions allow for unique and invaluable journeys.

Dyfuzory 101 Rooms


101 Rooms room diffusers will provide a very long and intense scent. They will give the interior a unique character for many weeks. Ideally suited as an ornament for a bedroom, office or hall. It will fit perfectly into elegant interiors, but also those in the boho or glamour style.

Kremy melisa eco


Room spray 101 Rooms are perfect for air freshening in the bathroom, toilet, kitchen or family room. They quickly eliminate unpleasant odors and leave a subtle and pleasant fragrance. They effectively neutralize, among others, the smell of tobacco or the smell of pets.