URODA Polska 

URODA Polska Sp. z o. o. A very well-established distribution network allows us to be presentin over 45 countries, on 6 continents around the world

We work with major distributors and market chains such as: Cosmetic Market (Bosnia), O&B, Robot (Sweden), Dahls (Bergen), Rimi, Maxima, Drogas (Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania), DM, Auchan (Hungary), DM (Croatia), among others. We have our own branches in Ukraine, Czech Republic and Slovak Republic, with a significant share in sales on individual local markets. In Poland our brands are presentin local shops as well as in Polish and international retail chains such as: Drogerie Natura, Jeronimo Martins, Biedronka, Hebe, Lidl, Eurocash, Dino, Stokrotka, among others. We have also held a dynamic expansion of own points of sales located in a various, largest shopping centers in Poland.

Kraje dystrybucji produktów w kolejności alfabetycznej: