We are one of the first companies in Europe (and the first in Poland) to manufacture and distribute fairy-tale cosmetics on such a large scale.


Pusheen is a sweet, plump cat that loves blogging, snacking and taking naps. She has made her first appearance online in a 2010 short series of comics by Claire Belton and Andrew Duff. Soon Pusheen has become a viral sensation, with millions of shares of  images – bringing smiles and laughter to fans all around the world.

Discover our new line of cosmetics and learn what makes Puseen purr.

Rainbow High

Rainbow High is a modern dressing doll brand that stimulates the imagination and encourages creativity. With Grit, Love, Action, and Moxie (G.L.A.M.), students at each of the elite art schools (Rainbow High, Pacific Coast, Shadow High, etc.) combine their unique creative skills and work together to achieve their goals.


The Smurfs are little blue characters who live together in a village, in houses made of mushrooms. Their peculiarity is that they are almost identical.

They all have a blue skin tone, the same big nose and small tail. They wear the same white hats and the same white pants. Needless to say, it is almost impossible to tell them apart! However, some of them have a certain character trait that distinguishes them from other smurfs.


The first Barbie doll was sold for only $ 3. Created by Ruth Handler in 1958, it debuted a year later at the New York Toy Fair under the Mattel logo. The name Barbie is a diminutive of Ruth Handler’s daughter Barbara.

The line of Barbie cosmetics includes: body mist, spray deodorant and glass deodorant, lipstick, bath gels with shampoo, as well as a set, which is a perfect gift proposition for a little Barbie lover.


Since 1968, Hot Wheels has been a brand of cars for children and a symbol of an exciting automotive adventure not only for the youngest. It is a global brand for boys of all ages, offering not only toys, collectible vehicles, but also licensed products.

The Hot Wheels cosmetics line includes: 2in1 baby shower gels & shampoo with Carbonic, Fast4, Land Cruiser motifs and gift sets: 2in1 Gel + Deodorant.


Chupa Chups – Spanish brand of lollipops created in 1958 by Enric Bernat. Initially, they were called “Gol”, but consumers liked the name “Chupa Chups” more. The logo was designed by Salvador Dalí in 1969.

Our collection includes a huge number of products licensed with these iconic lollipops. Beautifully fragrant in an incredibly colorful graphic cabinet. The motto of our products is “Yummy Care”!


Magic of wishes, unique look, friendly heroes and lots of good humor await all children in the new fairy tale from the Nickelodeon portfolio! Full of magical spells fun with BI-ES KIDS cosmetic products - Shimmer & Shine or Sponge Bob is a way for a truly enchanted and unforgettable adventure.

The fairy tales of the Nickelodeon channel not only enchant children with magical colors and funny adventures that their heroes experience, but also, and maybe most of all, they teach the principles of friendship and cooperation in a group, and show that together you can achieve what seems impossible alone. . Our cosmetic products are fun for every toddler.