THE COMPANY URODA POLSKA sp. z o.o. takes up over 6,000 square meters of warehouses and production halls in Kamień Duży, near Iława. he plant is equipped with modern technological lines designed and commissioned by specialists from France and Italy. Thanks to this, the company has a large production capacity, while maintaining high quality products in accordance with the requirements of European legislation.

Company owns modern production machines and equipment:

  • ethanol storage tanks with a total working capacity of 60 thousand litres installed outside the main object of the plant,
  • gas storage tanks for filling aerosol cans,
  • automatic production lines for preparation of perfume products, equipped with a system of pumps and pipes to ensure the transport of raw materials to production tanks, controlled by a computer,
  • water conditioning station (demineralization by reverse osmosis),
  • mixer feeders and storage tanks with a total workspace of 240 thousand liters,
  • filtering machinery product in low temperature conditions,
  • installation supplying compressed nitrogen into the production lines,
  • automatic conveyor lines for machines confectionery products,
  • modern, high efficient stations for product assembling
  • automatic production line of aerosols.
  • a modern and automatic production line for bath balls
  • a modern and automatic production line for gels and shampoos

Ethyl alcohol is one of the basic raw materials of the cosmetics industry. The externally supplied ethyl alcohol is stored in storage tanks and transported by pipeline pumps to the production tanks. The technological process control system coordinates the operation of the entire system of pipelines, pumps, valves and equipment for production tanks. The amount of ethanol (in kg) to be taken for production is controlled by a mass flow meter. The product containing ethanol is subjected to the filtration process and then directed to the appropriate tank where the maturation process takes place.

After the maturation period, the products are transported by pumps and a pipe system to the packaging stations, where the packaging stage begins. Filling perfume bottles or aerosol cans takes place in an automatic system under the control of weighing stands cooperating with the System of Quantity Control of Prepackaged Goods in accordance with the Act on Packaged Goods. This fact allows prepacked goods to be marked with the "e" sign, which informs the consumer that the product meets all the requirements related to the provisions on prepackaged goods control.

The entire production process, from the supply of raw materials, through the production and distribution of finished products, is fully controlled and registered. The individual manufacturing steps are described in the production and control procedures.

Modern engineering and technological solutions, high-class machinery, qualified staff, properly designed and secured production and storage rooms, the use of high-quality raw materials and semi-finished products, we meet all the requirements of a modern production plant, the purpose of which is to produce good and safe cosmetic products in accordance with "Good GMP Manufacturing Practice ”.

The GMP system includes a set of measures to protect against possible errors during production, also improving the effectiveness, efficiency and increasing the certainty that the product placed on the market is safe for the health of consumers.

In February 2017, URODA POLSKA gained a certificate confirming that the quality Managment system complies with ISO 22716:2007 STANDARD. The certified area includes quality control, manufacture and storage of cosmetic products. 

Other certification:

  • Certificate Resources Saved
  • Certificate Interseroh Zero Wasted Solutions

The brands produced by the company were awarded many times:

  • Kobiecą Marką Roku 
  • Męską Marką Roku 
  • Qltowym Kosmetykiem 
  • Konsumencką Marką Roku 
  • Super Produktem Roku 
  • Złotym Laurem Klienta 
  • Dobrą Marką Roku